Lady Cougars met up with the ASD Panthers last Thursday. The first set was really a serving game with strong Cougar serving. Celeste started it off serving an ace, followed by 5 more in a row. There was a lot of noise and team support talk by the Lady Cougars. Strong serving continued – Bella with 3, Lexy with 4, Anna with 5 and Carly with 3. Cougars took this one, 25-8.

Game 2 brought some fresh faces to the court for the Lady Cougars – Hollyn and Lillian. Bella kicked off the game with 3 deep serves into Panther territory. After their late arrival to the match, the Panthers now started to wake up for set 2, challenging the Cougars to play their game. Cougars missed a few serves this set, along with some struggles to communicate and pass the ball. Panthers took the lead 8-11. Then the Cougars started hustling and tied up the score 15-15 while Celeste was putting in her serves, she had 6 total. This put the Cougars in the lead 17-15. Loss of rally and then Bella up to serve. Ball goes back and forth until Anna is at service line with 3 serves, taking the game for Cougars, 25-17.

Third set again brings a new line up along with more consistent serving from Cottage. Bella had 5 serves in row, followed by Anna with 3. Addison off the bench to serve 2 in a row. Cougars are all over the court, picking up the ball and passing back to the Panthers, moving up the score, 18-9. Celeste put in serves that were backed up by the team covering the court. Taking the Cougars to the win at 25-9.

Lady Cougar home matches are almost done – they play Cumberland at home on Wednesday at 4:30pm and then they hit the road Thursday, travelling to Tapestry. Go Lady Cougars!