Cougars Versus Cyclones

The Lady Cougars hosted Cumberland Academy on Wednesday afternoon. Serving seemed to be the name of the game for the Cougars in this rematch. Bella started the team off with 3 strong serves. Followed by Alyssa with 9 in row, and 5 of those were aces. Finley came next with 5 serves and Ana with 3. Celeste put away an ace to finish the set. Cougars took game 1, 25-5.

Set 2 brought a new line up with more of the same serving success. Bella again with 3 great serves, 2 of which were aces, followed by Anna with 4 and one ace. Alaina Larson showed her serving prowess with 5 serves, 2 were aces. Celeste put in 4 and Addison finished off the set with 3 serves. 25-6 final score.

The third set began with Addison serving an ace to start the game. Cumberland followed up with serves that surprised the Cougars, letting the Cyclones into the game. Carly had a nice play on the net to earn the serve back for the Cougars and her turn to serve. She placed 2 serves, one was an ace. Alyssa started off serving with a pretty jump serve that was a clear ace, followed by 3 more tough serves. Finely had 4 with an ace, followed up by Anna with 4 serves. A couple of missed balls gave the Cyclones a chance to serve ball. Cougars got it back, putting Carly to the line with three, the last one was a tough overhand serve that won the game and match point, 25-12.

Cougars Travel to Tapestry

The Lady Cougars took their first road trip of the season visiting the Tapestry Titans on Thursday evening. Stepping into what was an exceptionally warm gym, the Cougars got to work. They started off well as the warm gym had everyone warm and ready to go! Finley Love got things going with 3 serves including an ace. Alyssa Briggs picked up some passes after lost rally bringing Anna Morris to serve. She got 5 serves in that challenged the Titans. Finley picked up some balls in center back, putting them back to Titans to earn ball back. Celeste Jeoffroy came up to nail 3 serves with 2 aces. Titans were having tough time returning. Carly Love followed suite with 4 serves, with 2 aces. Cougars win, 25-15.

Set two changed around the Cougar line up. Game started with some back and forth serving from the teams until Finley made it to the serving position. She stood strong in that position with 8 serves. Loss of rally, Cougars are up 15-4. Short but talented Titan #3 was up to serve with a soft, short serve that challenged Lady Cougars #14, Hollyn Kershner. Titan #3 continued serves to Hollyn, however Hollyn stuck with it and made a great return shot in to the open Titan court, serve was now back in Cougar favor, 15-7. Celeste up to serve with 7 serves including an ace. After loss of rally, Bella served up two. Hollyn in the front row had two great passes in the rally keeping ball in Cougar favor and Cougars win, 25-8.

Now the temperature is rising as the Cougars began the third game. Cougars start off a little slower this set, keeping the score very close early on. Hollyn had another nice return to win the point and serve back for the Cougs. Alyssa up to serve with 4 serves and a sweet ace, bringing the Cougars back in the lead, 7-6. Addison picked up an errant pass in the front row and Cougars got the serve back. Finley helped move numbers up along with 2 serves and an ace, back in the lead 12-9. Titan #3 is back to serve and Cougars are having tough time communicating and getting the ball up. Cougars got the point, putting an end to Titan #3 serving, score is 13-14. Anna gets the momentum back as she serves 4, but a loss of rally, the score is now 17-15. Cougars get it back and Celeste subs in to serve, backed up by Alyssa setting up Anna to spike. 21-19. A little more back and forth and then Bella subs in to serve, 23-21. She has one serve with Cougars losing the rally. Titans missed the serve and Cougars win, 25-22.

Great job to the whole team on this win. Their next match will really put their skills and teamwork to the test as they travel to Howard on Wednesday, September 28. Game time is 4pm.