News about The Cottage School Student Activities.

High School Drama will perform “A Play With Words”

The High School Intermediate Drama class has been working on one of the toughest and funniest comedies we've attempted: Peter Bloedel's A Play With Words. A struggling Scribe (Cullen Scott) is consulting with his Therapist (Tracy Li) on creating…

TCS High School Drama Performance Wednesday, April 24

Make sure to save Wednesday, April 24 to attend the TCS High School Drama performance. The Tuesday/Thursday class will present Laura Jaqmin’s We’ll Be Better Later and Ian McWethy’s The Internet is a Distract… OH LOOK! A Kitten! The…

Drama Students attend GISA 1AA One-Act Play Contest

Yesterday was the annual GISA Region 1AA One-Act Play contest, in Carrollton, GA. To get the suspense out of the way: Region 1AA, in my opinion, is one of the toughest state-wide for theater competition, and our previous 3 years’ Region…