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Admissions Process


Meet & Tour Campus

Let’s meet for an information session and tour to help determine is TCS is the right fit for your family


Student Review

TCS will review the student’s educational evaluations, transcripts, work samples, etc.


Student Interview

If there appears to be a match for both the family and school, we arrange an interview and school tour with the student



Admissions Team makes an enrollment decision


Fees Submitted

Application fee of $200 is submitted followed by enrollment contract with $1000 deposit to reserve student admission

Brenda Hall

Brenda Hall

Director of Admissions & Enrollment

We Look Forward To Seeing You On Campus

Meet the Director of Admissions, Brenda Hall.  An alumni parent herself, Brenda brings experience, perspective and passion about The Cottage School to inquiring families.  Her one on one interview process and guided tour of campus helps you see all that TCS has to offer.  Set up your appointment today and let’s get started.

Tuition Assistance

Every effort is made to assist families who need financial assistance for tuition payments. Funds for tuition assistance are limited and are awarded on the basis of determined financial need.

Financial aid recommendations are made by the Scholarship Committee who uses a third-party source to evaluate and provide the school with a confidential financial needs analysis report. School and Student Services (SSS) provide a framework through which household need can be measured fairly and equitably. Recommendations from SSS are used by the Scholarship Committee in accordance with the school’s policies to determine the award amount.

To be considered for financial aid, families are encourage to apply by February 29, 2024. Consideration for financial assistance is given only after a student is accepted for admission to The Cottage School (school ID 4380).

Approximately 15-20% receive financial assistance from The Cottage School. That percentage does not include families recieving SB-10 Scholarship money from the Georgia Department of Eduction.

The Cottage School and the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program The Cottage School accepts students who are eligible for and receive payments from the Georgia Department of Education through the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program. This program is also referred to as SB10 (Senate Bill 10).

  •  SB10 funds are paid in four equal installments throughout the school year.
  • The State mails the checks to the school in October, December, February, and May.
  • Checks are made payable to both the parent/guardian and to the school, therefore must be endorsed by both.
  • Checks are not permitted to leave the school campus. An email from the Business Office will be sent informing the family of the check’s arrival at the school.
  • There is a 30-day period to endorse the checks, otherwise they will be returned to the state.
  • The Cottage School does not reduce the amount of annual tuition by the anticipated amount of SB10 funds to be received throughout the year, see below*.

** Once the check is endorsed, the parent/ guardian will have three options available to them:

  1. Apply the check against an open balance on the account.
  2. Apply the check to the family account for upcoming or future tuition and/or fees.
  3.  Request a refund, if the account is in good standing, in the amount of the SB10 check (or the account’s credit balance) via check. (We cannot hand over the SB10 check, we are obligated by the State to deposit it into the school’s bank acct.)

For additional information, please visit Georgia Department of Education Special Needs Scholarship Program.

Your Tuition Solution

The Cottage School participates in “Your Tuition Solution.” Please feel free to contact Your Tuition Solution at 800-920-9777 or if you have any questions.

Sallie Mae’s K–12 Family Education Loan

Sallie Mae’s K–12 Family Education Loan can help you afford to send your child to a private primary or secondary school. You can borrow a minimum of $1,000 up to the total cost of education.

529 plans aren’t just for college. Find out how to use the funds for your children’s private elementary and high school education. Click here to learn more.