Tapestry – September 9, 2022

The Lady Cougars met up for the first-time playing Tapestry Charter School last Friday afternoon. This was the Titan’s first volleyball season, and it allowed the Lady Cougars another opportunity to work on some of the basics -passing and serving – in addition to their team work. Serving was key for the Cougars with the young Titan team. Captain Bella Aparicio started off with a strong line of serves, putting the Cougars to an early lead of 7-1. The young Titans had trouble with their serves, so Cougars were constantly at the service line.  Carly Love had two serves, followed by Anna Morris with four. 8th grader Alaina Larson came up and connected with 7 serves. The Cougars goal was working to make sure that they got three touches on all balls that made their way back into Cougar Country. Finley Love also was solid in her serving, putting in the game wining point, 25-5.

Cougars continued to remain strong with their serving. Bella with 5, Lillian with 2, Anna with 2. This set was again strong with Cougar serving with the same goal of getting multiple touches when the ball when returned to Cougar court. Cougars prevailed with set 2, 25-15.

Set 3, Lillian started the team off with nice serving, followed by Finley who put away 4 great shots.  Lexy Harrison also had an ace. The team served well, and this held them in the lead throughout the game. They came out to secure the match, winning game 3, 25-9. Teamwork and communication were match highlights.

CORE Community – September 13, 2022

The Lady Cougars had the chance to play CORE Community on Tuesday afternoon. The Cougars took the court – loud, proud and focused. Captain Bella Aparicio kicked it off serving three in a row, puts Cougars 5-3. Ball bounces back and forth. Finley Love gets it started again, but they lost possession. Nice dig by Alyssa Briggs gets the ball back to the Cougar service line. Celeste puts them in, 7 to be exact, backed up by Cougar teamwork. Great volley to keep the Cougar serve, now 17-6. Loss of possession. Dig by Celeste Jeoffroy and Bella back to serve with two, followed by Alyssa with two to win the set, 25-11.

New faces to the court but continued Cougar togetherness. Lillian Travis kicked it off with four serves, followed up by strong serves from both Bella and Alyssa. Cougars up 9-4. Cougars continued to serve well and strived to get three touches when the ball is in their court. Hollyn Kershner picked up a nice pass on the front row that earned the serve back for the Cougars. Communication was good and everyone was getting touches on the ball. Cougars got the ball back at 20-12, Alyssa at service line with low on the net shots. The team backed her up with court coverage, she made five serves to take Cougars to the win, 25-12.

Set 3 began with a varied lineup of Cougars taking the court. They are ready for the Cobras. Tough start for the Cougars, down 0-4. Working to find their voice and cover the court. Lillian came in with a lofty serve to get the Cougars started but they couldn’t keep the serve. Back and forth it went, however the Cougars got caught up at 9-8. Bella up to serve with five serves, the team helping to keep it in her hands. Lexy returned to serve with two and Alaina Larson with four tight and low serves in conjunction with some great saves in the back court. The ball and serve move back and forth, and the score is close as the Cobras are trying to hold on. Addison Nowakowski puts away the winning serve to take the game and match, 25-20.

Lady Cougars play this afternoon against ASD at 4:30pm. Come out to cheer them on in one of the last home matches for a while. Go Cougars!