Are you ready for some football? The Cougars had their first regular season Flag Football game ever for TCS. The Cougars played at Mill Springs on last Thursday, March 11. The Cougars went to Mill Springs ready and excited for their first game. The first half was a little bit of a wakeup call for us. Mill Springs started the game with the ball and made a quick drive down the field for a touchdown. Next it was the Cougars turn. The first offensive play of the year for the Cougars was a TOUCHDOWN.  Braden Kramer threw a short pass to Aidan Briggs across the middle that ended with a 60 yard touchdown run. This play will be in the history books for TCS because it is the first throw, first reception, and first touchdown in the history of The Cottage School.  The rest of the first half was a battle.   Aidan Briggs made the history books again in the first half by coming away with the first interception in school history.   It was also the first one handed interception in school history!  The Cougars fought hard in the first half but were still getting used to playing defense and were down 12 – 22.  The second half started with the Cougars on offense and Blake Lackey at QB.  Blake did a great job the whole second half spreading the ball around to his wide receivers.  Alex Hogg, Braden Kramer, Aidan Briggs, and Ben Johnson all had a few big catches across the middle throughout the second half.  Ben Johnson also had a gorgeous toe drag catch on the sideline. Senior center Mike Janyska consistently snapped the ball well all game and came up just short on a 2pt conversion.  Also, Hayden Crosbie got a couple snaps on offense and recorded the first catch for a middle school player in TCS history.  The Cougar’s defense stepped up big time in the second half and didn’t allow Mill Springs to score one touchdown.  Anthony Kovach, Grant Osgood, and Nick Elliott met the other team’s wide receivers at the line of scrimmage and didn’t let them breathe the whole second half.  Ben Batten, stand out middle school player, played a large portion of the half on defense and only allowed one catch for Mill Springs as well. The Cougars blitzed every play the second half with a good rotation of Jack McGrew, Sam Bayer, Christian Dawson, Braxton Henderson, Reese Silverman, and Gabe Yatteau.  These young men never slowed down and made the Mill Spring’s QB throw off balance all second half.  This turn around and effort in the second half helped the Cougars to come away with the first Flag Football win of the season and first win ever for Flag Football team at TCS.

Cougars win 26 to 22. Go Cougars and if you can come support the Cougars next week at home against Cumberland. The game is on Monday at Waller Park and kick off is at 1:30, great day for an afternoon hike with your elective class to the park.  See you there!  GO COUGARS!