Hitting the midway point of this year’s swimming season has set TCS up with a lot of optimistic feelings! This season has seen a great deal of team firsts as well as improvements from every swimmer on the team!

Team Firsts

Over the past 5 seasons the TCS swim team has seen many firsts.  Achievements like AAC champions, Back-to-back championships, state qualifiers, top ten finishes, and more.  This season, however, we were able to achieve something our team has never done before- break 100 points as a team score! This past week our team competed against 5 other GISA powerhouse teams and put up a combined score of 323! The boys contributed 104  and the girls 219.

Season Standouts

So far this season we have had so many standouts but I wanted to share a few particulars with you.

Sarell Tutt has come into the school this year as a freshman and made a HUGE splash (yes pun intended!) as she has not only qualified for state in almost every single individual event but set school records in all of them as well!

AJ Hormel, a freshmen veteran of the team, has also made some tremendous strides this season as he has continued to show his backstroke dominance in the conference and GISA stage.

Eighth grader Jake Roberts, a second year swimmer, is the next individual that I want to recognize as he, like Sarell, has dominated the competition this season.  Roberts has seen time at meets competing in both middle school and varsity events- and excelling against all challengers!

The last swimmer I want to recognize at this point is seventh grader Charlotte Morgan.  Charlotte, another second year swimmer, has taken it upon herself to branch out this season from her area of specialty-her breaststroke- and chosen to become a more well rounded swimmer focusing on improving each of her strokes as well as learning a new one(butterfly).

Although these four have done some amazing things so far in the pool I do not want to neglect the tremendous efforts of the team as a whole.  This year’s team is shaping up to be the best team TCS has ever seen and I could not be more proud of each and every one of them!

Coming back after the new year we are all looking forward to continuing our dominance so be sure to encourage all of the team when you get the chance!