­­­­­Yesterday the Cross-Country team faced the fun and challenging Oak Mountain Invitational as it did not disappoint with its rolling hills and beautiful trails.  For the girls, Madison Clark led the girls race earning gold with a time of 27:47- way to go! Malia Richards raced mightily to the finish with a time of 28:00. Hannah Katz finished with a time of 27:35. Eleanor Gaffneystone came dashing to the finish with a time of 31:43. Great job girls!

For the boy’s race, Ryan Gaffneystone led the boys race placing 1st with a time of 22:03. Noah Velasco finished strongly with a time of 24:33. Eric Born strode in with a time of 33:54. Qui Que di Castro completed the race with a time of 35:40. Due to prior commitments, Jack McGrew and Dean Kirksey could not compete in the meet. We look forward to seeing the mighty Cougars partake in the Dominion meet on September 10.