The Varsity Archery team’s second event of the season required a 137 mile trek to Thomson GA for the first Bulldog Clash. The TCS travel team was depleted by holiday plans and illness with only six archers competing, but those who attended made the best of the opportunity.

Tournament results:
• Andrew Little 265 (8 tens) HS Division 3rd place
• Charles Young 260 (6 tens) HS Division 4th place
• Davey Byrnes 242 (5 tens) HS Division 9th place
• Adam Tepper 242 (1 ten) HS Division 12th place
• Harrison Lee 191 (2 tens) HS Division 33rd place
• John Ainsworth 140 (0 tens) HS Division 36th place

The team’s highest 10 meter target score (48) was shot by both Andrew Little and Charles Young. The highest 15 meter target score (46) was shot by Charles. The 10 meter (139) and 15 meter (126) high rounds were shot by Andrew.

NASP tournament personal bests were scored by John Ainsworth (140-previous 84), Davey Byrnes (242-previous 199), Harrison Lee (191-previous 112), and Andrew Little (265-previous 251).

The archers’ performance was well worth the drive. The next tournament is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd down in Columbus GA for the 2022 Snow Much Fun Archery Tournament hosted by Calvary Christian School.