Flag Football game on March 3, 2022 at Howard School

JV Game

The JV Flag Football Team had their first game of the season yesterday. The cougars traveled to Howard School on a beautiful Thursday ready for their season opener. The JV boys started the game on defense and quickly showed Howard that they were ready to play. The defense didn’t allow any completions on the first drive for Howard. The Cougars defense stayed strong all game and ended up with 3 interceptions throughout the game. One of the interceptions was returned for a touchdown by 8th grader Maxwell Lagan. Eric Tepper and Colin Barlow also made great plays to record the other interceptions. The Howard offense struggled to make completions during the game because of great coverage by Hayden Crosbie and Nick Elliot. Another big factor was the great blitzing from Jayden Bryant and Reese Silverman. We did not record a sack this game, but they were in the QBs face all game. When Howard did make a completion Jack McGrew would come up and make a great tackle from the safety spot. This TCS defense played so well that Howard did not score the whole game.

The Cougars defense did their part and the Cougar offense picked up right where they left off. Maxwell Lagan had himself a day at the quarterback position. He threw the ball 8 times and completed 7 passes. Two of those passes were for touchdowns!! Jayden Bryant did well playing quarterback as well in his own right. He threw the ball 8 times and completed 4. One of those completions was for a touchdown as well. We had five different wide receivers make a catch in the game: Maxwell, Eric, Colin, Nick, and Jack. From those receivers Nick, Jack, and Colin scored a touchdown!

The JV Cougars came out strong in the season opener winning against Howard with a score of 30 to 0!

Varsity Game

The Varsity Cougar Flag Football team went to Howard School on Thursday for the first game of the season. Coming off a championship season the Cougars came out hungry to show the league that they are not taking a step back from last year. The Cougar’s offense was led by returning quarterback Blake Lacky who went 12 for 15 with 3 touchdowns. Not only did Blake complete 80% of his passes he also did a good job spreading the ball out to his wide receivers. Aidan Briggs had 4 catches, Daniel Byman had 3 catches, Ben Johnson had 3 catches, and Braden Kramer had 2 catches. Aidan and Ben picked up where they left off last season as well getting many yards after the catch. Braden played the tight end spot perfectly and showed that we could count on his hands. Jack Kane didn’t have one bad snap and blocked his butt off all game. Without him, Blake would not have the time to throw the ball the way he did, great job Jack. Newcomer Daniel Byman showed out in his first game on offense and defense.

On defense, Daniel led the way with one sack, two tackles, and one interception returned for a touchdown! This effort along with returning defensive stars Alex Hogg, Anthony Kovach, and Aidan was too much for the Howard offense. Alex played good defense all game with two tackles and getting an interception himself as well. Anthony, Aidan, and Ben played locked down defense all game, making it almost impossible for Howard to make a completion to their receivers. Another big part of Howard struggling to make a completion was the relentless blitzing from Bryce Dickerson. Bryce was going after Howard’s QB all game. He only got one sack but was very close to getting more. Bryce making the QB move around and not be able to plant his feet to throw was big for the Cougar defense.

The Cottage School varsity flag football team is 1 and 0 after the season opener, 32-14 TCS!!. We are going to work on some things at practice, but it was a great start to the season.