The growing popularity of gaming presented an opportunity to form an eSports team for TCS.  Participating in the first in-person eSports season has been a thrill for the team. Students got to train, perform, and engage with other schools in the AAC league. After a successful winning season, TCS Cougars and the Mill Springs Mustangs battled it out for the eSports (Rocket League) Championship. With the support of staff and parents in attendance cheering the team on, TCS Cougars defeated the Mustangs 3-0 in the best out of 5 games.

Some of the most amazing players are part of our eSports family. We are incredibly proud of these young men for their outstanding collaboration and commitment. They worked hard for this recognition, and it is well earned. We hope to expand our program and encourage students to participate next school yr.

Thank you Richie for setting this up for the students to have an opportunity to be a part of a winning team. Thanks to all the teachers who kept the players accountable with their academics and behavior to stay on the team. You all are appreciated.

Please congratulate all the players as they fought hard to be the ultimate champions in the first season of eSports.