This past Saturday the Cougar Cross Country team marched onto Holy Innocents Episcopal School to compete in the Battle of Sandy Springs. Both teams competed in the 3200 meters (2 miles) with Sophomore Madison Clark leading the girls earning silver with a time of 16:03. Freshman Hannah Katz strode into 6th place with a time of 18:50. Malia Richards dashed into 7th place with a time of 19:50. Newcomer Eleanor Gaffneystone earned 8th place with a time of 22:08. Way to go ladies!

For the boy’s race, returning Sophomore Ryan Gaffneystone led the team with a time of 13:24. Neophyte Nick Elliot followed with a time of 15:13. Junior Noah Velasco ran close to Nick with a time of 15:17. Sophomore Eric born sprinted mightily to the finish line with a time of 17:12.  Novice runner Jack McGrew ran a time of 17:58. Freshmen Quique deCastro finished the race with a time of 18:22. Freshman Dean Kirksey could not compete due to being absent. Great job to both teams for their hard work!