August 20 marked the season opener for Lady Cougar Volleyball. Prior to game time, the 2018 AAC Cougar volleyball champions were recognized on court for their first time championship. Congratulations to the Esther Buckingham, Emily Daugherty, Alecta Feely, Natalia Hoeve, Tracy Li, Erin McNeal, Olivia Robertson, Anna Scalf, and Shakirah Wazeerud-Din. What a great way to start the season with this commemorative celebration of their monumental achievement.

With just 4 practices under their belt, the Lady Cougars took the court versus the AASD Panthers. The Cougars were an intimidating presence with their 18 women team versus the smaller 7 person Panther roster. The game began with back and forth play. After getting the serve back, the Cougars made their mark on the scoreboard first with strong serving by co-captain senior Emily Daugherty. She started the team off with 6 consecutive serves and 1 ace. The team backed Emily up, helping retain the serving advantage and leading on the scoreboard. Both senior Shakirah Wazeerud – Din and sophomore Tracy Li helped edge the score up with their serving accuracy. The Cougars took the lead but had some trouble returning the Panther serve, tying up the game 16-16. Cougars earned the serve and Shakirah walked to the line and proceeded to serve 9 straight shots with 5 aces. Backed by the Lady Cougars with their readiness and court coverage, the Cougars took game one, 25-19.

Game two they started strong, Emily began with great serving, 5 shots including 3 aces. Shakirah provided a repeat of her game one efforts, adding 6 mores serves and 4 aces. Co-captain and senior Alecta Feely, along with sophomores Tracy Li, Natalia Hoeve, Anna Scalf, and junior Erin McNeal, proved they remember court coverage techniques as they worked to provide strong pass returns in the backcourt. TCS newbie and freshman Celeste Jeoffery came from the bench to acing two serves, retaining the Cougar lead. The Cougars slide into a slump as they struggled to return serves from #13 ASD Panther Mayra. She put away 9 serves tying up the game. Shakirah and Tracy buckled down with positive serves to make the difference for the win, 25-21.

Game three had sophomores Olivia Robertson and junior Bella Scaff making debuts on the Lady Cougar court. Cougar serving did not start off strong this game. ASD Panther #2 Alexis stole an 11 point run at the service line, putting the Cougars into a frenzied panic. The Cougars came from behind to make up the difference. Emily served 7 points bringing the team back into striking distance with team coverage holding the line. Sophomore Anna Scalf put in 4 serves along with an ace to take the match, 25-23.

We look forward to growing as a team and expanding on the triumphs of last season with new strengths and opportunities The coming season will be a great combination of both seasoned and new players that will learn and grow together to continue the story and success of Lady Cougar volleyball. Come out to cheer us on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm as we meet up with Covenant Christian. The middle school game will be warming up the court at 3:30pm. We hope to see you there, let’s go Cougar Volleyball!!