While the official meet results are not available from gamilesplit.com, our Courageous Cougar Charges tested their mettle against a range of both large public and private schools yesterday with stellar fortitude.  Aidan O’Sullivan, our 6th grade prodigy won the boys middle school race going away in 9:42 for the 2.5k distance!  While only the top 8 earned awards, Grace Marriott ran a gutsy race to garner 8th for the girls in 28:38. Kyndel Abercrombie ran tough and finished in 37:48.

In the boys’ varsity contest, Larry Orsini slowly reeled in his prey from Spalding County High school, only to be passed after wrenching his ankle on a hidden root within seconds of the finish and picking up silver with an 18:32.  Nick Daugherty placed 7th with a powerful kick through the chute in 20:46.  Camden Michaud ran 3rd for the mighty Cougars in 21:41, while senior stalwart Shane Hendrickson finished in 23:03.  Braden Smith, our rookie surprise of the season, finished a half-step behind in 23:04.  Nathan Dunbar tripped and fell hard onto the dusty red clay within spitting distance of the finish line, but rebounded to finish in 26:59. Alex Hogg ran smartly with a 28:08, as Nick Helm burst across with a 28:20.  Ben Thomas ran a personal best in 28:50, while Mike Janyska pushed himself to a 30:20.  Nick Smith struggled with low energy, but claimed a 32:05.  Cal Kinard finished in 32:13, while Hunter Cool followed closely with a 33:40.  Andrew Marriott overcame a calf injury to finish in 34:48, and Grant Osgood strode across the finish in 36:11.  Thank you for your continued support of our student-athletes as they pursue excellence in life.  We hope to see you at our next competition on Sept. 04, 2019, at Oak Mountain Academy, beginning at 4:00PM.