Varsity Vball 2018

The Lady Cougars hosted the Lyndon Academy Terriers on Friday evening for their last non-conference match for the 2018 season.

Set 1 began slow for the Cougars, with the Terriers moving into the lead early on. The Lady Cougars struggled to keep the serve so they ended up receiving more than they served. Trying to get back the serve, they fought hard to stay in the game. The Cougars were down 19-9 when Emily put away 8 serves in a row to bring them back into this set, 17-19. The team backed Emily up with great court coverage and defense in the backcourt. Sadly, the favor was not with them and the Terriers won this one, 20-25.

Set 2 began with a Cougar lead 4-2 thanks to great court coverage by Julia and Anna as well as consistent serving from both Julia and Emily. Anna also put away 4 consecutive serves keeping the Cougar lead at 13-9. Then the momentum changed and the game was tied at 14-14. Natalia and Erin both subbed in to provide some passing protection. Brandy, Grace, and Esther all strategically put down some tough shots into the Terrier backcourt. However, these smart shots were not enough. The Terrier servers put the pressure on the Cougars and got a 13 point run from one strong server. The Lady Cougars fought hard to try to get the serve back but could not make it happen. Terriers won 14-25.

The Lady Cougars returned to the court for set 3 with some variety to their line up. Tracy began the set with an ace but unfortunately, the Cougars lost the serve. It remained a close game with the Terrier lead, 8-11. Tracy came up to serve and brought the Cougars within striking distance after 4 consecutive serves, the score was 12-11. The game began to tilt in our favor but the Cougars struggled with their serves as well as their ability to return the ball. They slipped behind and the Terriers took this set, 19-25.

While this match concludes the end of regular season play, this is not the end. The Lady Cougars look forward to playoffs and will meet up with the AASD Panthers on Wednesday, October 3, 6 pm at The Howard School. They will be ready to play the game they have been working on all season and put their skills and talent to the test! Wish them well as they are ready. Go Cougars!