The Lady Cougars and the Mill Spring Mustangs met up for the second time this season last night. Due to court construction, the Mustangs traveled again to TCS. After the Howard win last week and a strong Tuesday practice, the team took the court with intensity and energy, ready to play their final regular season match on their AAC schedule.

Set 1 began well, Emily served 11 in a row, running up the score to 13 -4. In addition to excellent serving, the Lady Cougars maintained a strong court presence, communicating, covering and passing the ball well. They accurately read short balls and serves. They earned back possession and Julia served strong with 4 in a row, bringing the score to 17-5. Brandy and Grace both added points to the game with their well-placed serves. The ladies never let down their guard or their push and took set 1, 25-7.

Set 2, the Lady Cougars again jumped on the court with enthusiasm.  The team served incredibly well as a team this set. The Lady Cougars picked up the short balls with ease and were in place to grab short serves and dumps across the net. Grace, Emily, and Esther anticipated and returned these very well. Brandy covered the net well with her signature backspin pass into the Mustang backcourt. Bethany easily handled the deep Mustang serves. Esther had a run of 6 serves, followed by 4 more from Emily, bringing the final score to 25-8.

Set 3 began with Tracey and a 3 serve run to put the Lady Cougars in the lead. Cougars hold the lead with their court awareness and coverage of short balls and serves. Grace brings the score ahead with 6 serves, putting Cougars at 11-5. The Cougar lead begins to wane a bit though the ladies continued to serve well, they just go back and forth with the Mustangs trading points. MSA starts to creep up, bringing the score to 22-17. Jenni drops a serve tight on the line, earning an ace. The Cougars lose the serve but they maintain their position and the set is won by the Cougars. The final score is 25-20.

A three-game sweep for the Lady Cougars is an amazing feat as we near the end of the season. It is important to note how awesome it was to see the fire remain lit in these young ladies and move them ahead, rather than the stress of the situation get the better of them. These young ladies beat out their fears and kept pushing forward with their best, getting another win and knowing they played their game.

They will meet up with Lyndon Academy at home on Friday, September 28 at 4:30pm. We hope you will come to cheer them in in their last home game this season. Go Cougars!