The Lady Cougars traveled to Clarkston to meet up with the ASD Panthers for the first time this season. The set started off slow. TCS earned the serve and Bella Aparicio got things started with three in a row. Score bounces back and forth backed up by the Cougars passing the ball. They ran into a little trouble with passes over the net being hit back at them by the Panther front row. Anna Morris comes up to serve, started with an ace and then added 5 more serves that the Panthers struggled to return, TCS 13-8. Loss of rally, Emily Stoddart made her first court appearance, serving 4 in a row. She also has a couple of nice digs helping the Cougars keep the ball, now 18-10. Panthers had some tough serves but TCS continued to handle them. Bella returned to service line with 4 in a four, securing the set for the Cougars, 25-15.

Cougars jumped into set two with energy. Alyssa Briggs started them off with two great serves that the Panthers had trouble with, she was quick back into the court to cover some deep shots in Cougar territory. Bella returned to the  service line and proceeded to put away 9 serves, including 3 aces, the score is now 12-1. Cougars lost the serve and then encountered some trouble with serves from ASD #1.  Panthers sneak back into the set, 12-9. Finley Love and Lexy Harrison both battled through the tough serves, getting some good passes up and over the net. Bella has a great dig in the back row. Anna Scalf also placed some nice deep court free balls into the ASD court. Cougars are down as Adair Garrett comes up to serve and placed 4 serves, including an ace, that were tough ones for Panthers to return, score is still close but TCS moved into lead , 21-19. Things moved back and forth but Anna Scalf served the final point, Cougars win 25-22.

Some new faces take the court to begin set three. Cougars are ready to go. Serve goes back and forth between Panthers and Cougars. Cougars are working on their communication and coverage. Score is 6-5 when ASD #3 came up to serve. Her serves put the Cougars to the wire as they shuffled and tried to adjust to return her serve, along with 3 aces. Anna Scalf made smart passes in the back court. Score is 7-11 as Cougars got the ball back to serve. Things continued to go back and forth. ASD #1 again served and pushed the Panthers ahead, 10-19.  Cougars call time to give ace server Oliva Robertson serving advice. She puts into action and dropped in 4 great serves, 2 of which were aces. Cougars creep back up the scoreboard, 17-20. A couple of volleys keep the game exciting. Score is 20-22 as Bella returned to the service line. Her strong serve pressured the Panthers to return the ball. She made 4 in a row, score is 24-23. Panthers don’t make their serve, Cougars win 25-23. Great job to the team on this 3 set win!

Lady Cougars travel to Mill Springs on Wednesday, September 29 to battle the Mustangs at 4:30pm. Come out to cheer them on.