Tennis 2019

Yesterday’s forecast bamboozled us. All week the upmost perfect spring weather was all around us, sun shine and good times. Well the winter wind decided to make a last hooray before he finally gave away his time to spring and boy was it cold! And let’s just say, in tennis wind is never your friend. I think myself and the team definitely would like the spring weather to come back to us and stay now.


Natalie Yager, 1st singles, played against a monster hitter. She kept her own and made amazing plays strategizing around her opponents hard hitting skills. Natalie would never not give her all to any shot her opponent hit and had the most amazing hustle. Adapting to players and how they all hit differently is a hard skill, and Natalie did beautifully! She came up short and lost 0-8.

Katie Fair, 2nd singles, played the best I have seen all year! Katie and her opponent both fairly young to the sport had great sportsmanship and worked so well in calling shots and talking through points together. Her opponent and her were neck and neck with games but Katie prevailed with a win of 8-5.

Esther Buckingham, 3rd singles, also played the best she has all year! Keeping herself calm and collected helped her in gaining a game against her opponent. She made her opponent run up and down for many shots and her serve was consistent. She lost 1-8.

Natalie Yager and Katie Fair, 1st doubles, both fairly new to doubles and never played together did a great job in getting their feet under them. Natalie hustled for every single shot and Katie had quick hands at the net. They started to make a comeback from 0-6 but lost 2-8.

Maggie Kiesel and Grace Williams, 2nd doubles, as always had amazing communication. Constantly talking to one another on if the other had the ball, to switch sides, calling shots and correcting each other. Grace was alive and monstrous at the net, nothing would get past her. Maggie had a serve and slice that threw off the opponent each hit. They played the best I have ever seen and I was one proud couch in how they communicated and handled themselves. They won 8-2.

Time didn’t allow Bella Scaff and Natalia Hoeve to play but they were amazing sideline help and encouraged all their teammates.

Girls overall 2-3.


Andrew Dorsey, 1st singles, hit every single shot with placement and focus. He strategized so well in his placement in making his opponent work. He kept his cool and hit back with such force. Andrew and his opponent were neck and neck in the game but his opponent took the lead and won 3-8.

Jack Stephens, 2nd singles, played against a very strategic power slicer. Jack also the king of slicing knew that game and was ready to serve it right back. Jack hustled to every single shot and gave it his all but the high school junior won 1-8.

Justin Mulrain, 3rd singles, played his first singles match this year. Justin had some great placement but couldn’t get his rhythm going against the strategic placement from his opponent. He lost 0-8.

Justin Mulrain and Andrew Dorsey, 1st doubles, this dynamic duo who always gives a good show and keeps you on the edge of your seat for each play. This was a long and intense match. Justin and Andrew stayed tied with the team both working well to adapt to the players and they both played for their singles matches. The opponents dominating net game had Justin and Andrew adapting to stay back to strategize. They both made some beautiful plays but lost 4-8.

Liam Walsh and Jack Stephens, 2nd doubles, this powerhouse doubles group were at it again. They played well as always with Liam’s amazing returns and net game and Jack’s consistent serves and slice returns. But the duo lost 2-8.

As it seems every team we play always tells me how they are so impressed with our young team. The Mill Spring’s coach raved how fearless the middle scholars were and how they knew these youngsters would be unstoppable before long and boy is she right! I am proud of the TCS sportsmanship the team exuded and we showcased ourselves beautifully. I am humbled and proud at the work this team produced.

Also in the middle of this championship match my niece decided to make her 2 week early entrance into this world!

What a great day it was.

Gooooooooooooo Cougars!

Coach Chelsea