The High School Intermediate Drama class has been working on one of the toughest and funniest comedies we’ve attempted: Peter Bloedel’s A Play With Words. A struggling Scribe (Cullen Scott) is consulting with his Therapist (Tracy Li) on creating a play, with words. He then encounters a mixed up cast of characters who, true to the title, talk entirely in word-play: puns, malapropisms, spoonerism, and fractured proverbs. Scribe encounters characters named Me, Myself, and I (Kate McDuffie, Mia Toledo, and Andrew Rogoff), Us (Mike Janyska), You (Zev Fine), They & Them (Hannah Webb & Ginny Metcalf), and It (Nick Rice), finally ending up in court with Bailiff (Alexis Nerenberg) and Judge (Yasmin Makara) trying to figure out what’s going on, in a rapid-fire climax in the style of Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s on First.”

We’ll be taking the show to the GISA Region 1AA One-Act Play Contest in Carrollton on Wed, Nov 6th, and performing it on the TCS campus at 6pm  on Thursday, November 14th. The Nov 14th TCS performance will ALSO feature additional performances from the Acting Fundamentals class. a