Join The Cottage School Intermediate Drama program for a hilarious night as they perform “10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine” by Don Zolidis on Wednesday, May 12 at 6pm in the Cougar Center. We all know life in Covid quarantine is a strange new world, and we would like to share with you our 10 methods for surviving the isolation and technical difficulties of quarantine!

This hilarious show takes the audience through 20+ characters adjusting to life in isolation. Ella (Bella Aparicio) and Cameron (Kate McDuffie) adapt well known musicals for performance with pet assistance. Will Peter (Charles Young) smooths out his relationship problems with the inanimate objects in his house? Will Jolene (Alexis Nerenberg) ever figure out how to fold that origami crane? Let D’Angelo (Gabe Cronin) usher us through the calming practice of painting. Pascal (Andrew Rogoff) teaches us how to make a birdhouse for the tyrants of the animal kingdom – birds, and Neima (Alex Nebel) keeps us up to date with the relationship drama of the squirrels outside her window. Will Jeff (Alex Verren) implement his megalomaniacal plans for the “Kingdom of Jeff” before his mother makes him take out the garbage? On the academic side, Torrance (Mike Janyska) walks us through using the distance learning tech that never seems to work, and Jules (Nick Rice) completes a novel study scrutinized by a distant English teacher with mad tech skills. All this and more, presided over by our zany hosts Hannah Webb and Garrett Hundt. It will truly be a night to remember.