Varsity Boys Basketball

Cougars came to fight last night and did well but in the end AASD’s talent was too much. Cougars lost 60-50 in a tough battle between two AAC cats.

Game summary will come after the weekend but here is a quick note.

Cougars go up 8-4 early. We blew a couple layups and AASD capitalized; game tied at 11 at the end of one. AASD goes up 10 mid-second quarter, but TCS fights back and down just 26-21 at the break. AASD’s athleticism took over the third period that lead to a 42-34 advantage. The Panthers beat the Cougars 18-16 in the fourth and pulled away with the 60-50 win but TCS did make one last gasp. Early in the fourth we cut it to a five point contest but after a few mistakes, AASD got some transition layups and the game was all but over.

Game Notes:

Aidan Briggs was the MVP runner-up with 24 points and over 10 boards. He also shut down their second best player (#13-Bembry). He scored 25 points and killed us on senior night but last night only had 11 points on just two baskets, with some free throws.

Brett Boyles effort and determination was outstanding. He was all over the glass and was amazing on defense. He added 6 points.

Tim Mattioli scored 8 fourth quarter points to help keep us in it.

Reese Bentley put in 5 points and also added good presence on defense and had some rebounds.

Parker DeMent had a great start scoring 6 points.

Murphy Husnik was only there to support, as a late concussion diagnosis from Monday’s game made him ineligible to participate. Obviously that was a huge blow to our team but Suroy and I are so proud of the guys. Despite losing our All Star senior point guard, we had every chance to come away with the victory.

Thanks to all the seniors for your commitment to the team all these years. We are very proud of you.

#2-Marquise King; senior guard from AASD came away with the games’ MVP scoring 25 points and controlling the tempo with his high level of dribbling talent. AASD Panthers won their first championship in history on their third try (2013 and 2018 losses). They played an great game and I couldn’t be happier for Coach Reggie Bess and his kids and staff. He has done an outstanding job over the decade leading that program and if we were to lose, it couldn’t be to a friend I have so much respect for.


Very Proud Coaches,

Suroy and Richie