Yesterday the Cougars competed in the Mill Springs meet striding forward to greatness! Unfortunately, the 100 meters, the girls Alyssa Briggs and Macy Michaud were unable to partake in the race. For the girls 200 meters, freshman Madison Clark came bolting in at 9th place with a time of 33.99. Finley Love dashed placing 10th with a time of 36.15 For the 400 meters, up and coming Finley Love placed 9th with a time of 1:27.67; Ava Morelle followed closely behind placing 10th with a time of 1:30.38. For the 800 meters, Finley Love came across the finish line placing 7th with a time of 3:33.11 while Ava Morelle stayed close placing 8th with a time of 3:33.95. For the 1600 meters, Madison Clark ran hard placing 4th with a time of 7:13.96; in addition, Madison Clark competed in her first 300 meters with an impressive second place overall with a time of 1:05.51. The Lady Cougars performed well in the 4×100 with Macy Michaud, Madison Clark, Finley Love, and Alyssa Briggs taking 4th place with a time of 1:05.58. For the field events, Alyssa Briggs took gold in the girls long jump with a jump of 12-07.00. For the girls discus, neophyte Macy Michaud took 8th place with a throw of 40-06.00; Finley Love followed suit placing 9th with a throw of 39.03.00. For the girls shot put Macy Michaud came in 10th place with a valiant throw of 16-04.50. Way to go ladies!

The boys ran great races with impressive improvements made! For the 100 meters, Drew Elliott placed 8th with a time of 12.98. Jack McGrew ran the 100 meters as well but was not placed due to technical difficulties. For the 200 meters, Nick Elliott came flying in placing 9th with a time of 28.06 with Alex Yager placing 12th with a time of 30.53. For the 400 meters, Alex Yager came gliding in placing 7th with a time of 1:08.98. For the boys 800 meters, Noah Velasco placed 8th with a time of 2:41.32. Ryan Gaffneystone followed with a time of 2:49 (placement unknown due to technical difficulties). Velasco and Gaffneystone raced the challenging 1600 meters with Noah placing 6th with a time of 5:45.81; Gaffneystone finished 8th with a time of 6:02.48. For the 3200 meters, Gabe Cronin ran hard placing 3rd with a time of 15:31.11; 8th grader Quique de Castro pursued the 3200-placing 6th with a time of 19:02.88. For the 300 intermediate hurdles, Drew Elliott bounded over the hurdles placing 4th with a time of 55.37; Jack McGrew competed in his first 300 meters with a triumphant effort placing 5th with a time of 1:07.85. For the 4×100 meters, Gabe Beldon, Nick Elliott, Jack McGrew, and Drew Elliott sprinted towards success by placing 5th with a time of 53.24. For the 4×400 meters, Newcomer Liam Walsh, Nick Elliott, Alex Yager, and Noah Velasco fought the good fight in each of their runs placing 5th with a time of 4:59.18. For the field events, Gabe Beldon competed in the long jump placing 7th with a jump of 12-07.00. For the boys triple jump, Liam Walsh competed and was successful in his first triple jump placing 4th with a jump of 29-08.00. For the discus, Aidan Misnuner took gold with a throw of 92-09.00; Charles Young threw well placing 5th with a throw of 54-00.00. For the boys shot put, Charles Young placed 8th overall with a put of 20-04.50 with Aidan Misnuner taking 9th with a put of 15-08.00. Great job to everyone who competed. Our next meet will take place at Atlanta Christian school this Saturday, March 19, thank you for all of your support, go Cougars!