The Cougars from The Cottage School defeated juggernaut and perennial GISA state champions, Fugees (and other teams), at the Dominion Invitational this weekend as they hone the blade for region and state competition.  Grace Marriott ran like a gazelle in winning the silver medal for the girls in 25:52, while her teammates were sidelined with both knee and ankle maladies.

Larry Orsini led the lads in purple out of the box in the boys’ race, but was shadowed by frosh Dominion star, Logan Payne for 2,000 of the 5,000 meter race over hill and dell.  Evidently, Larry’s yes’s mean yes, and his no’s mean no, and Mr. Payne’s wheels fell off as Larry put daylight between himself and everyone else in the race.  Larry ran close to a course record, (18:08) despite having raced in oven-like temperature at MSA less than two days prior.  Nick Daugherty earned a bronze medal for his 20:00.00, while Camden Michaud earned 4th in 20:54 as Will Conroy placed 5th in 21:36.  Braden Smith placed 11th in 23:20 as Nick Helm sprinted across the carpet for 12th in 23:26.  Nick Smith placed 15th in 24:24 and Ben Thomas garnered 17th in 26:02.  Grant Osgood earned 21st place in 26:56 as cool Hunter Cool placed 22nd in 27:14.  Cal Kinard finished in 30:35 for 26th as Mike Janyska earned 27th in 32:40, out leaning Andrew Marriott at 32:40.38 for an impressive team photo finish!  Please continue to support your Cougars as they continue to make history with their march to excellence.  Our next meet is at Tallulah Falls on 15 October (Tuesday) with a 1:30PM departure.