Archery State Tournament

We are incredibly proud at how well our archers shot. We didn’t come away with any awards, but we are no less proud. Many archers shot personal bests or within a small margin of how they typically perform. We were expecting “test anxiety” to take over and lead to target panic, but alas! Compared to our GISA Invitational last year, our team increased their average scores by 24 points and we were missing two of our top 6!

Standout performances include Gabe Cronin with a 263 on Bullseye targets and a 233 in our first 3D tournament ever! Taking second for our team during his inaugural season was Brady Schaeffer with a 240 and 204. Scoring third for our team was Joseph Ralph with a 208 and 212. Rounding out our top 6 are Nick Rice, Mike Janyska, and Shane Lieu.

A scoring error led to an unregistered 3D score for Christopher Martini which should soon be fixed, but he shot a 210 on Bullseye! Will Kidd shot a 184 on Bullseye and a 183 on 3D targets, quite impressive in our first ever 3D meet. Grace Marriott shot a PR of 188 on Bullseye and Adam Tepper rounded out our team shooting a 144.

We want to thank our Principals and Athletic Director for their continued support of our blossoming sport!