Saturday, The Cottage School Cougars were out muscled by the heavily recruited international and domestic Monsignor Donovan Catholic High School squad from Athens at the Albany State University cross country course in the 2019 GISA State Cross Country Championship.  Senior Team Captain, Larry Orsini won the state championship title with surgeon-like precision in 16:47, while mates Nicholas Daugherty and Will Conroy earned coveted Georgia All-State Athlete Awards for placing among the top ten in 7th and 10th, respectively, with 18:10 and 18:32. Camden Michaud paced them into the chute for a close 12th place finish in 18:48, as Shane Hendrickson ran 18:58 for 13th.  Braden Smith placed 26th in 20:20 as Nick Helm kicked mightily for 38th in 21:01.  In the girls race, Grace Marriott crashed the top ten by sustaining a long killing drive over the final 600 meters to pick up her Georgia All –State Athlete Award in her first year of running in a respectable 23:26.  Alex Nebel placed 23rd for the Lady Cougars with her 25:42.  All Cougar student-athletes ran the fastest race of their young lives (with efforts they should be well proud) at this meeting of athletes, and no one can ask for more.  Larry Orsini will advance to the Meet of Champions on 16 November, and our Georgia All-State Athletes will advance to the U.S. Southern Regional Championship race Thanksgiving weekend in Charlotte, N.C.  Please assist me in congratulating and encouraging these charges as they strive daily to live their best lives.  Thank you for the privilege and consideration.