On Friday 8/18/18, the Lady Cougars attacked their first conference game against Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, with lots of heart and desire to come out on top. The team was led by seniors and co-captains Bethany Lingle and Julia Baumohl. While we started out with a small fan group, we ended up with the stands full of family and friends – it was an awesome win.

Game 1

The team came out fired up and ready to play with lots of cheering and focus. Starting us off with some strong serves were senior Brandy Michelle Finnell and junior Shakirah Wazeerud-Din both contributing 3 serving points each, senior Bethany Lingle and junior Alecta Feel both contributing 1 serving point each and aggressive on the net. Final score 25 – 17.

Game 2

The teams came back ready to play and started out with great serves from 7th grader Grace Williams, Brandy serving 3 points, and 2 service points from Bethany. AASD started to fight back with their passing and serving. The Cougars struggled with serving, communicating and returning the ball. Final score 21 – 25.

Game 3

The team was very disappointed with their performance in the previous match and wanted to prove to the others that they got this. Newcomer and junior Emily Daugherty contributed 5 consecutive serves, junior Esther Buckingham had 8 consecutive serves and both Bethany and Grace had 3 consecutive serves. Final score 25-15.

Game 4

After the previous match, I put together a new combination for the lineup. This included services points from Grace (3), Bethany (1) and Alecta (2). Brandy Michelle offered up her awesome passing ability. In addition Esther had 5 consecutive serves and along with senior Jordan McGuffy came off the bench with a ACE serve to start her season off. Erin McNeal also came in off to the bench but it still wasn’t enough. Final score 23 -25.

Game 5

The final game, I decided to go back to the starting lineup. The girls told me “Coach don’t worry we got this” and that they did; with lots of communication and never-ending court coverage. Junior Shakirah started the team off with 4 consecutive serves along with lots of defense from her fellow teammates protecting the net and the bench cheering them on. I said to myself “THEY ARE BACK” and they were unstoppable at that point.  To finish the game, 7th grader Grace Williams had 7 consecutive serves including winning game serve. Final score 15 – 11

Coach Stephanie and I are super proud of how hard they fought back and never gave up. We are looking forward to the rest of the season. Thank you all for your continued support. TCS Lady Cougars Rock!!!!