After a long drive to Clarkston, the Lady Cougars arrived to meet up with their AAC opponents, the AASD Panthers. Sadly, the Panthers were short on players due to illness so they forfeited the match. However, the Lady Cougars did not want to miss the opportunity to play so the afternoon continued on the court even with the Panthers down a player. Despite being short a player, the Panthers offered up a good match. Here are some brief highlights.

Game 1

  • Slow start to what was predicted to be an easy match. Panthers really moved and covered their court.
  • Lady Cougars started talking and moving the ball to where the Panthers were not.
  • Tracy Li had 9 aces in a row, putting the Panthers in a tough spot.
  • Alecta Feely also had very effective serving the entire match, with 4 aces in game 1.
  • Cougars win 25-18.

Game 2

  • Cougars start strong in set 2.
  • Emily, Shakirah, Celeste and Alecta all had a string of at least 3-4 serves each, including aces for all of four.
  • AASD started to turn the tables with some strong serving but the Cougars dug in and got the serve back.
  • Alecta finished the set with 2 serves, ending with an ace. Cougars win 25-15.

Game 3

  • Senior Mia Toledo sends over 2 well placed serves, including an ace.
  • Alecta drops two more aces into Panther territory.
  • Although the Lady Cougars worked hard this set, Panthers won 12-25.

Game 4

  • I want to give huge credit to the Panthers. For being down a player, it did not diminish their efforts or determination to win.
  • Emily’s overhand serve was on fire, she placed 22 (20 overhand) serves to secure the Cougar lead.
  • Tracy played the net well covering the tips from AASD.
  • Cougars win, 25-3.