On Friday night, the Lady Cougars met up with the FSA Mustangs. The first set began slowly with the strong serving from #6 on the Mustang team. She proceeded to serve for 7 points while the Cougars tried to adjust to her strong overhand jump serve. Grace, Bethany and Alecta battled valiantly in the back row against her serves. Brandy Michelle had three assists in the front row and Natalia had a great save in the middle back position. Upon winning back the serve, the Lady Cougars then struggled to keep the serve. Alecta came up to serve and had 4 consecutive shots, 3 were aces. They tried to pull back into the game but the Mustangs took it, 12-25.

Set 2, the Cougars take the court with real intensity. Natalia started the team off with 3 consecutive serves. There were a number of amazing volleys as FSA continued to try to drop balls into the center Cougar court. The ladies covered well and ran their offense successfully a number of times. While they did not always have success in all their hitting attempts, both Bethany and Alecta connected on the third ball with success and earned points in this set. Anna played a ball into the deep court to tie the game at 12-12. Unfortunately, the Lady Cougars were not as effective with their serving and when they did serve in, they struggled to keep the ball.  The Mustangs again had their strongest server in place and while the Cougars had some amazing passing performances from Grace, Brandy, Erin and Natalia in the backcourt, it just wasn’t enough. Various substitutions and court adjustments couldn’t break the server. The momentum went to the Mustangs, 14-25.

The Cougars knew they had to really start this one strong. They take the court ready to go. Early on, they struggled to hold on to the serve. Tracy came off the bench with well-placed serves and completed every serve she attempted. Julia placed a mid-net return into wide open Mustang court space.  There were amazing volleys by the entire team even as FSA kept trying to dump balls into the center court, Cougar coverage stayed strong. The Lady Cougar serve receive was stronger in this set but another Mustang server kept the pressure on and finished set 3, 15-25.

The Lady Cougars learned the importance of consistent serving and communication from this match. We are proud of how well they ran their offense and we hope to continue to work on this in our upcoming matches this week. The Lady Cougars travel to Brandon Hall on Tuesday, September 11. Game time is 4pm. And then on Thursday, they travel to AASD for a 4:30pm match. Go Cougars!