11/2/22 The Cottage School Cougars played host to long time rivals The Panthers of Atlanta Area School for the Deaf for the first game to kick off the 2022-2023 season. These amazing competitors have always had a battle on the court. but the Lady Cougars were able to pull through and provide the first win of the season. This 30-23 win over the Lady Panthers did not come easy, but it is a great start to the season.

The first quarter of the season, nerves are at an all-time high. The tip is won by the Lady Panthers, but the Lady Cougars were able to hold their stance and deflect the first point from being scored. The quarter ended in 6-3 lead by TCS. The Lady Cougars defended the paint extremely well in the second quarter, giving up zero points down low but allowing their opponents to get a couple unexpected 3’s. Still leading 14-9 going into the half.

The half time huddle was a great reassurance to the Lady Cougars to keep up their awesome defense and keep fighting for the rebounds. To ensure we keep get the second and third opportunity shots. “Now that the first half was done, the nerves should be gone, so let’s now bring out the energy!” Bringing out that energy TCS was able to get a couple of long passes to the basket for some easy buckets. Bringing the Lady courage to a 30-23 victory over the Lady Panthers.

Game Notes
Our most tenured player, Alyssa Briggs was able to make amazing plays, both offensively and defensively, leading the team with 16 points, 5 assists, and a couple blocks.

Senior Ana Mills was the starting point guard, she was extremely active both offensively and defensively, scoring 8 points, 7 assists and grabbing a couple boards.

Finely Love showed out with a huge steal from the top of the key and scored a big two points in the fourth quarter.

Freshman Malia Richards came out super strong defensively, shutting ASD Lady Panthers Booker down for two straight quarters. And with a lovely assist from Alyssa put up 2 points.

Senior Lillian Travis came out with some awesome energy and was able to sprint down court to get an easy layup.

Senior Celeste Jeoffrey struggled offensively but had 2 assists, and her speed and awareness made it possible to get 2 steals.