The TCS Archery team traveled to their first NASP tournament in over a year and a half.  Battling the sluggish traffic on GA400S and I285E, they arrived just in time for our 3:00 flight.  The six archers who participated performed admirably in their first NASP tournament experience of the season.

The highest 10 meter target score of 47 was shot by Andrew Little.  The 10 meter round high score of 129 was shot by Allie Sisk.  The highest 15 meter target scores were turned in by Adam Tepper and Andrew Little with a 39.  The best 15 meter round score was 111 shot by Adam Tepper.

The best overall TCS performance for the tournament was scored by Adam Tepper with a 234 followed closely behind by Andrew Little scoring 233 and Brady Schaeffer scoring 228.  The TCS participation was rounded out by Allie Sisk (214), Alex Verren (200) and Luke McCrary (181).

The efforts by Adam Tepper and Alex Verren were notable as they have been splitting time with eSports and drama having missed both the earlier baseline shoot and Mock Tournament.  Special thanks to John Chandler and Charlie Kish who did not compete but traveled with the team offering support and acting as team managers for the tournament.