We hope you will join us for the 3rd annual Life After TCS program. This year, we are pleased to be able to present a virtual program to the TCS community. All of the video links will be made public on Thursday, February 25. We hope you will plan to join us online and enjoy the opportunity to listen and learn from our alumni and parent videos.

This virtual event is a wonderful opportunity to explore the many different and varied post-secondary pathways upon graduation from TCS. While there are many students that “know” what they want to do following graduation, this allows those that have questions or are not sure about what comes next. These short video clips explore the many different choices that are available – from a traditional four year college or university, to a technical school, gap year, vocational programs or the military to name a few. Parents of TCS graduates as well as alumni share their story and experiences following graduation.

The video links will be made available beginning on Thursday, February 25. Below you will find a sample video from past parent Julia Roberts. She shares about her son Gage’s journey from technical college to internship to full time work. We hope this video preview will give you a good preview of the information that will be shared in this video version of Life After TCS. Below you will also find links to a glossary about the many post-secondary pathways as well as a list of the video presenters this year.