Friday afternoon The Lady Cougars met up with The Falcons from Furtah Prep in the Cougar Center. Set one began slowly with the Cougars getting their feel of the court. The score bounced back and forth. Celeste Jeoffroy picked up some scrappy plays and stepped up to serve – getting things started for the Cougars with 4 serves, including an ace. Her serving was backed up by Cougar defense, putting TCS ahead 8-6. Communication was not happening on the court and the score remained even. Alyssa Briggs returns to the service line and helped them sneak head with 4 serves with an ace. Court coverage is good as they continue to move the ball around the court, getting multiple touches on their side. Celeste again adds another 4 serves, bringing it to 21-13. Cougars lose the volley, giving the Falcons a chance to tag on some points. They win the volley, Anika Helm comes to serve and puts away two tough serves, Cougars win, 25-17.

Set two start is a little rough. The Lady Cougars struggled with both their serves and court awareness, putting them behind. Anna Morris comes from the bench to serve with 4 in row, including an ace. Alyssa gets a nice set and gets a kill. The tide has turned and the Cougars are working like a team. Adair Garrett puts in 3 serves. They rally together and show great coverage on the court, but the serve and score bounced back and forth, score is 19-20. Anna Morris again is at the service line and fires away three serves. 22-20. They lose the volley, but have great serve receive winning the play. Alyssa serves 2 more and Cougars win, 25-21.

Set three brings fresh faces to the court. They are excited and ready to play. The Falcons start off with the lead as the Cougars are adjusting to the serve, they are down 0-5. They start to gel together, communication leading the way. Freshman Madison Clark has two great passes that keep the ball in play and earn back the serve. They compete an entire rotation and Madison again returns to the service line. She serves two aces to the deep back court, backed up by the team with some great volleys, score is now 10-13. Game bounces back and forth, and both teams struggle with the serve. Serving starts up again with serves in from juniors Lillian Travis and Sophia Rohling, and sophomore Lexy Harrison, all helping to keep the points going in Cougar favor. The team continued to work together to stay in this game and challenge the Falcons to a tough set. Cougars fall behind and this one goes to Furtah, 23-25.

Set 4 began with a pumped up Lady Cougar team taking the court. Freshman Alaina Watson proved her serving accuracy with 4 smart serves with an ace in Falcon deep back court, score 4-4. The Lady Cougars remained together a team, moving well on the court. Alyssa was strong on the net with nice court coverage from both Celeste, Anika and Olivia Robertson. Anika served 2 in row, followed by Celeste with 3, 7-6. Cougars lose the volley and the serve bounces back and forth. Adair subs in to serve an ace, 13-10. Alyssa now to serve and puts in 4, 17-11. Cougars lose the volley and take a run of serves from Furtah, letting them back in the game, 17-15. But the Cougars dig in and keep their head in the game. Serves are going in but they are not winning the volleys. Then, Olivia serves an ace, 22-20. Cougar error gives the ball to Furtah, they serve and Cougars can’t return it. 23-22. TCS wins the play and Adair is serving 24-22, she gets her serve, but they lose the volley. Furtah serves and Cougars win the play and the match, 25-23.

Great job to the entire team on this win! They play at home this week. On Wednesday they host AASD and on Friday they host MSA. Come out and support your Lady Cougars!