Fresh off their win over Furtah Prep, the Lady Cougars took on Mill Springs on Friday afternoon. The Cougars started off well with high energy and communication. Anna Morris kicked the team off with 8 serves in row, giving the Cougars an early lead, 9-0. The Cougars had been working on a new 4-2 offense during the week and this was their first time running it in a match. Even with the newness of the court transitions, the Lady Cougars moved well together to make it work on court. Anna Scalf was up next to serve and she too had a nice run of 5 serves, placed deep into Mustang court. MSA struggled to return them, Cougars are now up 14-2. Loss of rally but they got the serve back with Celeste Jeoffroy serving. She makes very smart shots, moving them both short as well as deep on the Mustang court. She had 8 serves in a row backed up by the team covering the court well. Cougars win, 25-7.

Set two began strong again with great team communication in addition to more confidence with the 4-2 offense and rotations. Anna Scalf is up to serve and puts in 5 in row, and again the Mustangs struggle to return them. Cougars are up 5-2. Great rallies going on. Cougars lose the rally and then they struggle with returning MSA serve, tying up the game 7-7. Celeste serves again and gets an ace, moving them ahead 9-7. Loss of the rally and Mustang #7 serves well with multiple aces that the Cougars are scrambling for. Mustangs up the score to 9-13. TCS dug in and got the serve back after some nice court coverage, getting themselves back in the game.  Bella Aparicio is now at serving position, she nails 4 serves including two aces. Well placed balls that troubled the Mustangs. The team comes back together, volleys are long and intense. Score bounces back and forth much like the volleys. Team is doing a great job of passing to the setter and trying to run their offense. Alyssa Briggs getting some nice passes and also playing some tough free balls into the deep Mustang court. Anna Scalf returns to serve, again challenging the Mustangs to return them, score is 21- 18. Loss of the rally for the Cougars. They get the ball back and Olivia Robertson goes to line, 22-19. She puts away three great serves again backed up by Lady Cougar defense who rally to win each point. Cougars win, 25-19.

Set three began with some fresh Cougar players on the court. Emily Stoddart started the Cougars off with a nice serve, putting TCS on the board first. New Cougars began to warm up as they rallied with the Mustangs. Olivia comes in to serve and placed 4 serves -including an ace- into the Mustang field, TCS now ahead 8-4. Cougars struggled a bit with communication and coverage. MSA fired away 4 serves that the Cougars had some trouble with. MSA moved ahead 9-8. Loss of rally for Mustangs, Madison Clark goes to the service line and put in a service point. Lexy Harrison also comes up to serve and puts in a short one for a point, game is tied 14-14. Game goes back and forth as both teams battle to win the play and keep the serve. Teamwork is apparent as they work to stay in this set. Mustangs #13 had a run on serves, now it is 18-24. TCS won the rally and Olivia is up to serve. She comes in hot with 3 aces, followed by 2 more serves, tying it up 24-24. Loss of rally by Cougs, Mustangs serve. Celeste makes a great play earning back the serve, again tied 25-25. Anna Scalf makes two tough serves deep and Cougars win the set and match, 27-25.

Cougar coaches are so proud of the work the team did to win this together, in addition to working hard to run the new offense in a match setting. Serving was strong and a key component in this win. The Lady Cougars will be back at home on Wednesday, September 15 at 4:30pm versus Howard School. Come out to cheer them on! Go Cougars!