AASD Playoff VBall

Match update coming to you from St Joseph’s in the heart ward….my oh my, what a match!

The Lady Cougars traveled to Clarkston to take on the AASD Panthers. They took the court with determination and great communication. Passing was strong and accurate. Highlights of this set were Esther who completed a nice hit into Panther territory from a beautiful set by Grace, Esther also had 5 serves in a roll with 4 aces, Julia nailed 7 serves and Esther was a beast on the net with accurate ball placement and passing. Bethany passed well in the backcourt, helping to cover the open space. All that being said, there is no “I” in team and the Lady Cougars played this set well as a team and won it 25-14.

Set 2, Grace started the serving scene with strong and well-placed serves into Panther court. Brandy Michelle picked the ball off the net making an incredible save. The team struggled a bit and had to play a bit of catch up but their teamwork pulled through. They covered the continuous midcourt dumps from the Panther front row, never giving up on the play. Emily and Brandy both had nice strings of serves in this set helping to keep the point total growing. They went point to point but the Cougars pushed harder and take it, 26-24 (this is when we first considered a trip to St. Joe’s).

3, begins with a fresh line up. Tracy places an ace to start the serving game. Followed up by 4 serves by Jordan, three of which were aces. Anna and Natalia provide strong passing in the backcourt. They ladies worked well together but it wasn’t quite enough to beat the Panthers, this one ends with the Panther win, 13-25.

Whew, we begin set 4. It is a slow point by point volley. The Lady Cougar stay connected in each play until the whistle blows or a tennis ball drops from the ceiling (ask one of our fans about that – they can fill you in).  Julia again serves up some points with 4 consecutive serves with Brandy also adding a couple of serving points. The team continues to cover that pesky midcourt where they keep trying to drop balls. Esther and Grace were passing like professionals and setting up the plays. Brandy Michelle sets up Julia for a great spike that earns the point and serve. While incredibly close and again heart attack like it wasn’t enough, 21-25.

Last set, where is that defibrillator?  The coaches are sitting on the very edge of their seats. 🙂 The team was amped up and ready to go. Cougars take the lead, Esther serves well placing 6 smart shots to open court space. Brandy, Emily, and Grace all put smart balls on Panther court. Despite great volleys and good ball placement, the Panthers tie up the game. They trade point for point, 14 -14. However the Cougars come up short, final score 14-16.

We have learned so much and come so far. We will continue to move ahead. They take on Howard at home next Thursday at 4:30. Come out and cheer them on! Go Cougars!