GISA Championship 2018

While the complete and official athletic meeting times and results are unavailable, yesterday at St. George’s Episcopal School in Milner, the Cougar men of distance defeated all-comers on a shady, rolling and twisting course, and have earned a berth to compete in the state championship on 27 October, on the course of Georgia Southwestern University.  Larry Orsini placed second overall, despite still recovering from a strained muscle in his leg.  Will Conroy, our Frosh Jim Ryun doppelgänger, placed fourth for the Cougars, while first year runner, Nick Daugherty placed sixth. Senior, team captain, Brett Boyles ran his personal best to place among the coveted All-Region top ten plaque winners in seventh. Stalwart Shane Hendrickson placed close behind for eleventh and Cam Michaud chased his mate into the chute with a twelfth place finish.  Conner Hogue ran his personal best to place fourteenth.

Alex Nebel and Bri Worrell ran as individuals since we were unable to field a scoring team of five ladies.  As individual competitors, athletes must finish the course among the top ten overall to advance to the state championship.  Bri and Alex battled a pack of racers from many different schools for the entire nail-biting affair, to have Bri fade in the stretch to fourteenth due to a lingering foot injury, while Alex Nebel placed a hard fought sixth to win All-Region honors and a trip to Americus next Friday with the lads at 3:00PM.  The string of recent victories bodes well for the young Cougar contingency as they pursue a rare state championship.  The Cottage School’s only two state championships came in 2003 and 1998.  Up laddies, up! Tally Ho!