The Varsity Archery team’s first event of the season was held Wednesday, November 9th on the TCS archery range for the St. Jude E-Championship Virtual Tournament.  This event is a monthly charitable tournament sponsored by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) promoted as follows:  In NASP® we are “Changing Lives one arrow at a time”. NASP® and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are joining forces in an on-line charity archery tournament to expand our influence to “Saving Lives one arrow at a time”.  The TCS Archery team will be participating with 26+ other programs located in 12+ different states from Montana to Georgia.  Team and individual places will be determined after the tournament closes on November 30th.

All seventeen TCS team members participated recording a NASP team score of 2,541.  This score was the first NASP team score (requires a 12 person team with at least 4 female archers) recorded in team history and a 122 point improvement over the 2,419 team baseline score recorded just five days before.  Individual results were senior Adam Tepper (255), junior Andrew Little (243), senior Drew Elliott (234), junior Charles Young (232), junior Charlie Kish (226), junior Allie Sisk (216), senior Gabe Cronin (203), junior Davey Byrnes (199), junior Alex Verren (194), sophomore Tonya Underwood (190), senior Natalie Mortimer (175), senior Victoria Trunk (174), senior Christopher Martini (167), freshman Cooper Van Wingerden (144), senior Leighton Braglia (128), senior Harrison Lee (112) and junior John Ainsworth (85).

The highest 10 meter target score (47) and 10 meter high round (137) was shot by Adam Tepper.  The highest 15 meter target score (40) was shot by both Adam Tepper and Charles Young, and the best 15 meter round score (118) was shot by Adam Tepper.

NASP tournament personal bests were scored by John Ainsworth (84-previous N/A), Davey Byrnes (199-previous 163), Harrison Lee (112-previous N/A), Allie Sisk (216-previous 214), Adam Tepper (255-previous 246), Victoria Trunk (174-previous N/A), Tonya Underwood (190-previous N/A) and Cooper Van Wingerden (144-previous N/A).

Although this result was a good first effort, there is still much room for improvement to achieve the goals set for this season.  The next tournament is scheduled for Saturday, November 19th out in Thomson GA for the Thomson Bulldog Clash #1.