Last Thursday, many from the Cougar Family joined us in the gym to root on the two Cougar Cub teams and the Elementary Cheer Squad! For many of these amazing students, it was their first adventure on the court. The happy faces and strong energy at 6:45 in the morning was evidence of their commitment to the team. And, as Steve said, there was no question of the outcome … The Cougars would win! Thank you to Bonnie for her outstanding leadership, encouragement, and success as coach to our ten players, and to Renee for her spirited guidance, support, and commitment to our cheerleaders.

Steve excelled as our sportscaster and did a stellar job calling the game (although I’m not sure how many of our players know who Larry Bird is. Richie was a fair and supportive referee – and our cheeriest cheerleader. And a special thank you to those teachers and staff who came even that much earlier to fill the bleachers and voice their support for our budding basketball players and cheerleaders.

It was a great way to start the countdown to Thanksgiving! Come join us on December 3 at 7:15am for the next game.