I am super excited to be on board. I am  looking forward to a great school year. Hello, my name is Aaron. I’m a graduate of Clemson University 2012, and I went through the “Call Me MISTER program,” designed to get more men teaching in schools. I’m currently finishing my M.A. in school counseling from Capella University. I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Italy, where I taught American Sign Language and Italian Sign Language. I have worked with Camp Read-a-Rama as a Camp Counselor and Assistant Director (Reading Literacy Real World) and am a graduate of the Institute of Multi-Sensory Education-Orton Gillingham Remediation. I have served as an Inclusion Specialist/Elementary Educator in Mableton, Georgia, working to implement social and emotional learning (SEL) and  provide on-site behavioral health consultation and support to ten high-needs schools to address barriers that interfere with students’ academic, social, and emotional development. One fun fact is that I’m fully immersed in the music and entertainment scene. Working as a singer, songwriter, producer, musician, and actor, I wear many hats, but it’s always education that stays my number-one priority.